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Men Tend To Eat More If There Are Women Around

It is so charming that a man who devours an entire XXL pizza, right ladies? Well it seems, that’s what they think. A new study at Cornell University says that men tend to eat more when they’re around women, probably to impress them and show their dominance. Researchers observed 105 adults at an all-you-can-eat Italian buffet over for a few ... Devamını Oku »

15 Foods That Reduce Risk of Cancer

Cancer… Unfortunately many people suffer from it nowadays. It has been a devastating illness for over decades and sadly there is no certain cure for it. However you can avoid it by eating healthy food. You can improve your immune system and increase the resistance of your body. The vitamins play an important role on this. I prepared a list for ... Devamını Oku »

10 Snacks Under 100 Calories

Ladies, I have found a research about snacks that are under 100 Calories. I wanted to share it with you. When your stomach starts growling and you don’t want to eat a calorie bomb, try these snacks first. Here we go: Devamını Oku »

Lose 14 Pounds In One Week With Cabbage Soup

Ladies, I have just found a magical diet that will make you lose weight in just one week. I tried it myself and the results are amazing. You should really try it before the swimsuit season is on. It also helps reducing the cellulite on your hips. It is totally safe and if you can keep it up for seven ... Devamını Oku »

How To Be A Vegetarian

Being vegetarian has become so popular in years because there are many reasons. It may be to protest eating animal meat or perhaps to take advantage of the abundant nutrients found in vegetables. No matter what the reasons are, vegetarians should always follow a well-balanced diet. This can be so hard sometimes, since vegetables do not contain all the nutrients the body needs. While preparing your vegetarian diet, ... Devamını Oku »